Powernetics UPS systems are designed to improve the quality of AC power providing a stable and independent power source to protect critical loads against commercial mains power disturbance and loss.

Typically the Critical load could comprise:
DCS/PCS Systems, BMS/PLC Systems, Emergency Lighting, Security Systems, Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Instrument Supplies, Radio & Telecoms Supplies, Lube Oil Pumps, Railway Signalling Supplies, HAVC Plant.

Powernetics on-line UPS systems consist of Rectifier/Charger, Battery, Inverter and Static Bypass modules.
The Rectifier/Charger provides a controlled source of DC power from the incoming Ac mains thus providing the charging current to the battery and powering the Pulse With Modulated (PWM) Static Inverter.
• The Inverter then converts the DC power into a sinusoidal AC waveform output at precisely the required voltage and frequency.
• In this manner the critical load is fed from a power source that is at all times clean, well regulated and free from noise or transient disturbances associated with AC mains supply.
• In the event of failure of the AC mains source the Inverter will continue to supply the critical load without break for the designed autonomy time. The standard UPS system is fitted with high reliability gas recombination Lead Acid batteries requiring minimal maintenance for optimum performance and design life expectancy. Extended battery autonomies up to many hours are on offer using configurations either within or external to the systems electronics.
Alternatively a wide variety of custom battery pack options are available to meet special requirements.
A highly sophisticated static bypass arrangement is fitted as standard on all Powernetics
UPS systems, ensuring additional protection to the critical load in the event of Inverter failure or overload, where voltage, frequency or current are outside their designed limits.

A wide variety of options to further enhance the operation of Powernetics UPS systems are on offer.
These include:
•Maintenance Bypass: Enabling regular maintenance to the UPS system to be undertaken without disruption to the critical load via a ‘make before break’ changeover switch.
• Remote Monitoring and Alarm Facilities: Offering the operator remote information as to the status via sophisticated diagnostics fitted to all Powernetics UPS systems. Both traditional hardwired and modern serial communication interfaces are available.
• Installation and Commissioning Packages: Ensuring optimum performance from day one of operation.
• Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Breakdown Cover: Again designed to offer optimum UPS performance and cost effective operation well into the future.

Where the sophisticated switching techniques of Powernetics UPS systems are not necessary, the company’s Design and Development team have produced systems for Emergency Lighting applications having output changeover contactors in place of a static switch. These systems are now supporting a wide range of lighting protection systems, from applications as diverse as public utilities to private sector industrial concerns.

All Powernetics UPS systems can be configured as Frequency Changers. In this format batteries are not normally specified, consequently units are generally more compact and available in 19″ rack mountable format.
Whenever clients require a differing frequency output Powernetics can offer a solution. These include standard 50-60Hz conversions, 75Hz or 83Hz outside the normal range of noise interference for the Rail Industry or even 400Hz, ensuring security of communications in the military field for both maritime and avionics applications.

Static Inverters are a further derivative of Powernetics UPS systems and utilise the same Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to give a precise, well-regulated sinewave output. Additional benefits include physical compactness, high efficiency and low output harmonics. DC input voltages of 24, 50, 110 and 220V are generally catered for with the same custom design facilities offered on all equipment.

Powernetics is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of DC-DC Converters and Switch Mode Power Supplies, offering the highest possible degree of reliability for demanding applications including Military, Telecommunications, Satellite Communications, Railway and SCADA.
In offshore applications, where secure DC supplies are of primary importance, Powernetics has supplied numerous converters where their ruggedness and reliability have proved themselves in the most challenging of environments worldwide.

Specialised rectifying equipment has been designed, developed and supplied for Petrochemical, Power Generation & Industrial applications worldwide. Chargers are suitable for Sealed Lead Acid and/or Nickel Cadmium batteries. Their ruggedness and reliability for standard or customised applications have achieved an impressive client base.
Switch Mode Rectifiers are available through power factor corrected supplies providing an isolated
DC supply at the rated current output from a nominal single or three phase input. The output is designed primarily for simultaneous supply of telecommunications type loads and float charging of their associated batteries, although use as a stand-alone DC supply is equally permissible.


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