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Powernetics has supplied static converters, both train borne and track side, to many rail companies in the past few years such as ABB, Alstom, Serco, Bombardier,BritishRail, Chiltern Rail, Transport for London Underground , Indian Rail, HunsletBarclays, ADtranz, RamseierJenzer(Swiss Rail), Siemens, Southern Rail, Wabtec Rail and Chicago Mass Transit System.


Industrial grade 25- Years Design life AC/DC UPS system , Inverters,Frequency Converters and Battery Chargers of both onshore applications Worldwide. Multiple input and output variations engineered to the customers own technical requirements from 1 to 500KVA. Our clients include Shell,Exxon, BP Amoco, ARCO, Conoco, Chevron, BHP,KOC, ADNOC, Petronas and Tengizchevroil.

Power Generation

ALL Power Generation UPS system, Inverters, Frequency Converters and Battery Chargers and Drive Inverters are designed to the same exacting standards as our Petrochemical Technology systems and are 25 - year design life products. Every Conceivable permutation of a UPS can be engineered to provide uninterruptible secure power . Our Clients include BNFL, Magnox, Electric, CEGB, UKAEA and PowerGen.


Unparalleled high Integrity, High Reliability trackside and train borne power supply systems. On board system including; ruggedized underslung Static Auxiliary Converters to 250KVA, DC-DC converters to IP 65. UPS system and Telecom applications to IP54. Our Clients include London Underground, British Rail, Railtrack, Indonesian Rail, Indian Rail, Dutch Rail and Kowloon Canton Railway.


for the most onerous demands of the military market place, Powernetics offers the complete range of Frequency Converters, UPS system, PSU's and Converters. Applications include SAM's (Surface to Air Missiles) installations, ground defence radar, Weaponry systsems or indeed nuclear submarines. Our Clients inlcude the MOD ( Ministry if Defence) and DERA ( Defence Research Evaluation Agency).

Oil Industry

When a secure source of Power is paramount, Powernetics lead the field in industrial UPS system for an array of application ranging from process Automation, Blast Furnaces and Water Treatments Works to Hospitals and Remote Unmanned Satellite Installations. Our clients include Foster Wheeler , Kvaerner, Bechtel, James Scott, ICI, British Aerospace, Cegelec Projects, Dow Chemicals and Glaxo Wellcome.


The rapidly expanding global Telecommunications sector rely heavily on dependable power supplies. Inline with this, Powernetcis offer state of the art inverters, Rectifier system  that Encompass most requirements. Powernetics is also an approved BABT design & Manufacturing Centre. Our Clients Inlclude Cable & wireless, GEC plessey, Siemens Plessey, Racal and BBC.
Energy efficiency in the Railway and Power Generation sector primarily relates to the efficient use of energy

We operate to internationally recognised and certified standards

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Our principle markets include: petrochemical, power generation, rail, telecommunications, military, process and general industrial applications the world over.

We’re positioned to fulfil the following market needs internationally:

Petrochemical 77%
Power Generation 90%
Railways 89%
Military 70%
Oil Industry 78%
Telecom 76%

Energizing the Future, Project by Project.

Powernetics projects drive innovation in energy management, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability. From renewable energy integration to electric vehicle technology, these projects redefine power distribution and control. They bridge the gap between theory and application, electrifying a brighter, sustainable future for us all.
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"Your Trust, Our Power: Delivering Reliability Every Day."

"Our mission is to lead the power electronics industry with groundbreaking innovations, offering sustainable, reliable, and efficient solutions. We're dedicated to empowering a greener world, by continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and providing our customers with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly electrified future."

"Our vision is to be the foremost global authority in power electronics, pioneering advancements that transform energy management. We aspire to create a world where power is harnessed with unparalleled efficiency, reducing environmental impact. By 2030, we aim to power progress, while always prioritizing sustainability and customer success."

"At our core, we uphold values of innovation, integrity, and sustainability. We're committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence. Our dedication to customer-centricity, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility guides us in delivering cutting-edge power solutions while making a positive impact on the world."


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