Powernetics has supplied static converters, both train borne and track side, to many rail companies in the past few years such as ABB, Alstom, Serco, Bombardier,British Rail, Chiltern Rail, Transport for London Underground , Indian Rail, Hunslet Barclays, ADtranz , Ramseier Jenzer (Swiss Rail), Siemens, Southern Rail, Wabtec Rail and Chicago Mass Transit System. The equipment design proposed adopts proven and reliable technology. Design experience with the Piccadilly Line, Rail Express, Ramsier Jenzer (Swiss Rail) static inverters enables Powernetics to have a good understanding of the unique railway environment.
The whole concept of the Power Supply System is based on achieving a high operational life. An initial calculated Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) based on MIL HDBK 217F, Ground Mobile, at 35  C operation provides a figure of 30,000 hours approx. which in practice will give an operational MTBF in excess of 100,000 hours. Please note that these figures have been based on units currently in production.
Considerable effort will be made to ensure that a high operational MTBF will be achieved. The equipment being offered is based on proven techniques. Changes have been included to make these designs compatible with the environment, in particular the use of Military temperature spec, CECC where ever possible.
The use of aluminium electrolytic capacitors has been minimised since they have about the lowest MTBF. Whenever electrolytic capacitors are necessary, these are to CECC specs and will be very high temperature very long life type. The input filter capacitors are polypropylene capacitors with a surge voltage rating of 5000V.
Integrated circuits are to full industrial temperature range of 25 C to +85 C. All Passive components such as resistors, polyester capacitors are to CECC specs.
Power semiconductors are moulded encapsulated power modules. These devices are mounted on the heatsinks, which are force cooled. Such a method of heat transmission will ensure the internal temperature rises are minimised.
It is a fact that for every 10 C rise in the ambient of an electrolytic capacitor or junction temperature of a semiconductor device, will halve its operational life. As such, the mechanical design of the Power Supply system is optimised for the minimum temperature rise within the equipment, hence the operational life increased.
Converters supplied in the East Coast Main Line network have achieved operational MTBF's in excess of 1,000,000 hours. Approximately 350 units have been supplied and have been in operation now for approximately 20 years.
Approximately 170 Systems have been delivered for the HST Catering Car. These have been in operation since early 1993. We understand that the operational MTBF exceeds 100,000 hours on board the trains.
45 off modular 9kW units have been supplied to Hunslet Barclays for use in the Rail Express Services PVC Vehicle. Each unit consists of 3 off modular 3kW battery chargers. These converters have received safety case approval. The operational MTBF of these units exceeds 100,000 Hours.
Powernetics has also supplied static converters for the Piccadilly Line 73 Tube Stock refurbishment contract. A total of 194 converters have been supplied rated at 6kva continuous and 20kva peak. Deliveries commenced in December 1995. The present operational MTBF is 500,000 hours.
18 off Static Converters have been supplied for use by NS Materiel (Dutch Railways)
5 off Static Converters have been supplied to Furka Oberalp Bahn railways rated at 18.7kva. (Swiss Rail supplied to Ramseier Jenzer).
100 plus rail assemblies with static converter and alternator have been supplied to Chiltern Rail works at 36kVa.
7 off static converters rated at 30kVA for the catering car and 25 off battery chargers rated at 7.5kW have been supplied to Wabtec Rail & Cross Country.
6 off static converters rated at 6kVA for the catering car have been supplied to Great Western Rail.
26 off trackside static inverters, rated at 16kVA and 32kVA, running from the third rail supply have been supplied to Chicago Mass Transit system.
9 off static converters rated at 46kVA have been supplied to Southern Rail.
Dual 130kVA converters operating off of the third rail have been supplied to Serco Rail.
180kVA static converters have been supplied to Medha /Indian Rail.
Powernetics Converters are designed to the latest British/European standards using high quality materials giving high reliability and fire safety.
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