Rapidly expanding markets worldwide rely increasingly on effective telecommunications support. Failure in supply and ensuing problems following breakdown are potentially catastrophic and can lead to considerable expense in terms of valuable time lost. Powernetics telecom power supplies have proved capable of reliable long-term operation in the most demanding of applications throughout the world.
Telephone call switching and management systems (automatic call distributors) installed in a number of countries are supported by Powernetics power supplies. The all-digital call distributor is designed to handle up to 600,000 incoming and outgoing calls a day and thus relies very heavily on the dependability of the power supplies supporting it.
Powernetics have developed 50V power supplies for use in Street-side cabinets for Cable TV and Telephony systems. Environmentally these units have to withstand higher than normal operational temperatures and be able to relay information on the system status back to the control centre. Some Cable TV and Telephone companies prefer to use a larger rated power supply within the central control room rather than individual units street-side, products are also available to accommodate this requirement.
Battery Chargers suitable for Vented Lead Acid and/or Nickel Cadmium batteries extend from 24 to 220V DC with current ratings from 5A to 1000A, although outputs outside these limits can be accommodated. All chargers meet psophometrically weighted noise levels with or without the batteries connected, thus conforming to the CCITT standard for Telecom applications and are designed for battery systems where the load demands high surge currents.
Battery Chargers and Rectifier Systems have been developed and supplied for a wide range of Telecom facilities as well as Industries which include Oil and Gas platforms, Power Stations, Railways (including trackside environments) and SCADA applications.
Where clients require to use these products directly onto public utilities they have to be approved to BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) Standards. Powernetics have this capability, being a BABT approved design house.
Switch Mode Power for Telecommunications is available through power factor corrected power supplies providing an isolated DC source at the rated current output from a nominal single or three-phase AC input. The output is designed primarily for simultaneous supply of telecommunications type loads and float charging of their associated batteries, although use as a stand-alone DC power supplies is equally permissible.
Switch Mode Rectifier modules rated at 100A and 200A are used to provide Telecom Power Plants of 2000A upwards.
Powernetics switch mode power supplies are currently in operation throughout the UK and overseas with numerous installations being commissioned weekly. These systems, which can be directly connected into the public utility, supply a constant 24V DC or 48V DC for Telecommunication equipment such as radio's, CMUX and Satellite communications and can be further enhanced with the addition of a battery pack to provide a continuous DC power supply upon failure of the incoming mains.


Powernetics is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of DC-DC Converters and Switch Mode Power Supplies, offering the highest possible degree of reliability for demanding applications including Military, Telecommunications, Satellite Communications, Railway and SCADA.
Multiple output DC-DC Converters have been provided for packet switching networks, and satellite communications; and certain models have obtained BABT approval, allowing them to be used on public utilities.


Where optimum performance and reliability are of prime importance, state-of-the-art Static Inverters and Frequency Changers from Powernetics are located in installations the world over.
Designed to meet the stringent demands of Data Processing and Control, Medical, Scientific, Industrial and Military applications, units can be built to either a proven standard pattern for multiple applications or custom designed for specific use.
Wherever clients require a differing frequency output Powernetics can offer a solution. These include standard 50-60-50Hz conversions, 75 or 83Hz outside the normal range of noise interference for the Rail Industry or 400Hz, ensuring security of communications in the military field for both maritime and avionics applications.
Static Inverters being a derivative of Powernetics UPS systems, utilize the same Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to give a precise well-regulated sinusoidal output. Additional benefits include physical compactness, high efficiency, good regulation and low output harmonics.
DC input voltages of 24, 50, 110 and 220V are generally catered for with the same custom design facilities offered on all equipment.


Specialised rectifying equipment has been designed, developed and supplied for military colour radar displays in both sea and airborne applications worldwide.
Switch Mode Rectifiers for Telecommunications are available through power factor corrected supplies providing an isolated DC at the rated current output from a nominal single or three phase as 50Hz input. The output is designed primarily for simultaneous supply of telecommunications type loads and float charging of their associated batteries, although use as a stand-alone DC supply is equally permissible.

Recent UPS applications include:

Manchester Metro link.
Indian Railways.
Botswana Railways.
Indonesian Railways.
Kowloon & Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)
Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC), Hong Kong.
Channel Tunnel.
Docklands Light Rail.

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