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Founded over a quarter of a century ago Powemelics was conceived to provide specialist high integrity power supply products to the Rail, Military and Telecoms sectors, bringing with it the first commercially available PWM inverter system. As a result of shrew application of this technology, we became the UK's largest manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) during the boom years of the late 70's and early 80's.
Today Powernetics are universally acknowledged as world leaders in the design, manufacture and commissioning of state of the art power protection and power conversion technology to the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Railway, Telecoms, Military and Industrial market sectors.
Powernetics strong commitment to innovation and ongoing product development has ensured its continued success and longevity. Indeed, today we are the longest established and ONLY manufacturer of both standard and custom designed industrial UPS systems in the UK, USA and INDIA.
Our present portfolio of products and services includes several leading-edge power approaches. These enable us to provide smaller, lighter, more efficient, more cost-effective and more flexible solutions to our clients' power requirements. Our design resource enables us to specialise in bespoke equipment for the most onerous environmental demands
With regional offices and affiliates established in Asia the company is well placed to provide power solutions globally whilst maintaining localised support within the UK and mainland Europe.
Our philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by vision and design

Our principle products & services include

• AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems1 to 500KVA
• DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems1 to 500KW
• Battery Chargers0.5 to 500KW
• Rectifiers0.5 to 500KW
• Frequency Converters1 to 500KVA
• DC DC Converters0.5 to 100KW
• Traction Inverters1 to 500KVA
• Industrial Inverters1 to 500KVA
• Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)0.5 to 200KW
• Supervision of Installation and Commissioning
• Planned Maintenance Services
• Emergency Breakdown Cover

We always deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients

Powernetics are the only company in the UK and INDIA to offer design & manufacture of both standard and customised power conversion equipment, we specialise in designing equipment specific to our clients needs. This means that we are often able to provide solutions to technical difficulties that our competitors would invariably turn down.
Customisation may be applied to overcome a host of technical challenges, such as: high or low ambient temperatures, high humidity, vibration, seismic withstand, restricted dimensions, sealed systems to IP54/IP65, high inrush currents, unusual operational characteristics or delivering high short circuit currents to ensure rapid disconnection of protective devices.

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