In excess of 10,000 DC-DC Converters have been supplied for rail-borne applications.
These Includes:
Train-Radio power supplies:
Enabling the Driver to be in constant communication with the Signalling centre.
Time Division Multiplexers (TDM):
for operating on-board control systems such as doors, lights, ventilation and heating systems.
DC-DC Converters:
To provide British Rail with additional security for Train Door Interlocking on Intercity lines.
Track Shunt Assistor units:
To ensure that track circuits remain reliable under normal operating conditions.
Powernetics products are fully approved to British Rail Specifications RIA 12, 13, 18 and 20, thus proving their ability to withstand shock, vibration, surges and transients whilst not causing electrical interference or being unduly susceptible to it (EMC).

When used in Tunnel or Underground applications, such as for Channel Tunnel rolling stock, the train radio power supplies have been re-packaged in an enclosure rated at IP54 to protect their electronics from conductive metal dust and high levels of humidity.


Various ratings of Battery Chargers have been developed for British Rail, charging Sealed Lead Acid and/or Nickel Cadmium batteries. The location of these chargers is invariably trackside and they have therefore been tested and approved for shock, vibration and EMC.
Chargers operating from 400V to 1000V AC or DC Electric Train Supplies (ETS) charging train bore batteries have also been developed. These units are modular in construction and power ratings range from 1kW up to 50kW.


Major contracts within the Rail Industry have included Static Inverters cum Frequency Changers for British Rail's High Speed Train catering car refurbishments. These 3.2 kVA units take the train's incoming AC voltage (nominally 350V-460V, 3 phase 38-54Hz) and convert it to 240V AC single-phase 50Hz to power microwave ovens and refrigeration units. They are mounted under the skirt of the train and therefore have to take a considerable amount of punishment from the elements as well as shock and vibration.
A recent contract form London Underground involved providing Inverters to convert an incoming supply of 600 V DC 3rd Rail to normal 240V AC 50Hz, mains output at 6kVA continuous, 20kVA peak to power air conditioning units on board their rolling stock. Once again these inverters were mounted beneath the rail car and are capable of handling 5kV transients.
Inverters on a smaller scale provide 500VA of power to run ventilation fans on board tube trains.
Numerous Frequency Changers have been installed at British Rail signalling installations and other sites throughout the British Isles to accommodate the dedicated frequency used within the rail industry.
British Rail, Irish Railways and London Transport have all been supplied with units to convert the normal 50Hz supply to frequencies selected by the customer that are outside the range of normal noise interference - such as 75Hz or 83Hz, thus ensuring secure communications.


In excess of 200 UPS systems have been supplied throughout the world to ensure reliable power to such critical applications as signalling, communications networks, ticket vending and public address systems.
In addition to the more conventional 'clean' environments that normally house delicate electronic equipment, some 60 units have been specifically designed for trackside operation in a tropical climate. These systems have the electronics housed in a sealed compartment rated to IP54 and have been type tested and approved for EMC, shock, vibration, electrical surges and transients.

Recent UPS applications include:

Manchester Metro link.
Indian Railways.
Botswana Railways.
Indonesian Railways.
Kowloon & Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)
Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC), Hong Kong.
Channel Tunnel.
Docklands Light Rail.

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