Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence: The Legacy of Powernetics in Power Electronics Industry

For Five decades, Powernetics has been a pioneering force in the world of power electronics manufacturing. Founded in 1973, our journey began with a vision to harness the power of innovation and technology to shape the future. Today, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable legacy that has made us a global leader in the industry.

Foundation and Early Years (1973–1982):

Innovations (Year 1983-1992):

Breakthroughs (Year 1993-2002):

Global Expansion (Year 2003–2012):

Sustainability and Social Responsibility (Year 2013–2022):

Looking Forward:

Powernetics Major key achievements

Our equipment is industrial equipment with a design for life of 25 years. We have the capability to make newer version of this 10kva ups and we have supplied newer ones to Thales MPT at Manchester for tram for telecoms and signals. backup. I will send a certificate earlier next week for the ups design and abstract about the batteries used 2004 to 2006 when we supplied i.e JX225 IS NON Hazardous according to the battery Manufacturer " If they had mercury in them it would be hazardous. Talking to my boss none of the batteries we use would have mercury in them because you would not be able to ship by plan or boat.

Powernetics have serviced and repaired UPS Systems used on the London Dockland RAILWAY ORIGINALLY SUPPLIED TO Alcatel.
Powernetics have supplied 10kva UPS systems for EON Power Station at Ratcliffe on Soar, only 10 miles from Loughborough

In addition to this summary Powernetics have designed, manufactured and supplied:-

Thousands of Lineside Battery Chargers at Trackside and Platform Level for heavy duty Sig purposes. Fully approved to BR 1875 Standard, being type tested and certified at the BR Te Centre Derby and PADS 2000 registered.
Hundreds of Train Borne Chargers rated from 1kW to 50kW.
2000 + Train Borne Inverters/Frequency Changers, bogie mounted for HST MkIV Catering cars.
Numerous Frequency Changers at Signalling/communications locations throughout the National Rail Network.
30000 + trainbome DC-DC Converters type tested and approved to BRB/RIA stds. 12, 13, 18 and 20 for Driver Train Radio use on the NSE National Network and PADS 2000 registered.

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